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Christmas wreaths


Decorative products
Balsam wreaths

We offer Christmas wreaths made of Balsam fir:

  • Simple face, for one side installation on the wall.
  • Double face, for two side installation.
  • Offer from 10 to 72 inches diameter.


Mix wreaths

Our mix wreaths are made with balsam fir, cedar and pine.

  • Double face, for installation with a vue on both side.
  • Offer in size from 10 to 20 inches diameter.

Other decorative products

  • Balsam bauble with or withour decoration.
  • Balsam 30 feet loong roping.
  • Mix 30 feet long roping made with balsam, cedar and pine
  • Cedar basket with or without decoration.
  • Balsam cross.
  • Balsam candy cane.
  • Balsam arc.
  • Balsam star.


Branches bundles (50 pounds)

  • Balsam fir
  • Red pine


For any special order or information regarding our products, please contact us at 819-549-1152 or [email protected] 

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