Christmas Trees Producers Since 1959


Our services

All our clients are important
Our goal is to offer you the best possible service, wherever you are and whatever your order.
We offer different solutions to satisfy any special requests.

Ordering early
You can contact us at any time during the year. By ordering early, you assure product availability and delivery at the date you want.

Advisory services adapted to your needs
Whether you are starting or in business for many years, our advisory services will certainly be able to offer solutions to increase customer traffic.
With over 50 years of experience in the marketing of firs and other derived products, we can suggest different ways to help you sell your products, as well as different working methods or work tools, all in order to satisfy your clients.

 Care-free delivery

We take care of every delivery aspect and procedures.

  • Evaluation of transport costs
  • Inspection when required
  • Documents for Customs
  • Tree loading
  • Respect of scheduled dates and time of delivery.
Delivery adapted to your needs

In order to optimize delivery, we offer different trailer sizes to transport the trees.

We also give you the possibility of ordering a partial load.
We are responsible of completing the load with another client.


Our oversea clients

All our trees are transported in 20 or 40 feet refrigerated containers.
You know you will get fresh trees.
We take care of every delivery aspect and procedures

  • Land and sea cost evaluation of transport
  • Inspection when required
  • Documents for Customs
  • Tree loading

All you have to do is take possession of your trees when they get to your country.

For any information regarding oversea delivery, please contact us by phone at 819-549-1152 or email at [email protected]


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